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New (temporary) sculpture studio

Sculpture studio

Finally, I've got to grips with the shed/ summer-house in the garden. It's never been a very inviting place, as ivy has forced its way through the cracks, aphids have grown on the ivy and hundreds have spiders have moved in to eat the aphids. So it was just a storage place for garden stuff.

I had the idea that I could use it as a temporary sculpture studio - as I can't do any of the dry-work on stone sculptures inside as the dust gets everywhere and is really bad for the lungs.

So, I took a deep breath, moved the stuff out of the shed, disposing of a lot of it, and cleaned it thoroughly (good job I'm not arachnophobic). Then I sealed all of the gaps, strengthened the floor with chipboards, and reassembled the old shelf unit from the letterpress workshop.

Although it's small, it's made a surprisingly good space for working on stone sculpture. The only real problem is light, but I'm working on a scheme to get temporary electrical power down there.

I have about six sculptures that are at various stages of completion, some of which have been on hiatus for four years. So, expect to see a big surge in sculpture completions in the next few weeks. Now all I need is a gallery to exhibit them.

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