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A 'Thunderous' work in progress

A quick update on the current work in progress, provisionally titled 'Thunder' - though I'm pretty sure that will change as I get closer to the end.

I've been preoccupied with earning a living recently, so have only been sculpting at a very low level - I'm hoping to put on a bit of a push over the summer - and also get some new material to carve (as I'm currently all out of stone).

Thunder is my second larger scale work in sculptural foam, which I'm slowly getting used to using. Although the plastic debris isn't particularly pleasant stuff (static electricity means that it sticks to things), it's no more troublesome than the stone debris (and makes less dust so is easier on the lungs(.

The main form is now done and the basic details are now in, next stage is the filing to refine the details and then the sanding, so another couple of sessions to go before I can start painting it.

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