'Titus' and more news

I've now finished 'Titus' (previously under the working title 'Thunder'), giving it its final paint job. Although originally conceived as not having a base I've decided to put one on just to give it more stability, as it's very light (being carved from hard foam). I'll also go back and give the same treatment to 'Arc'. While doing the finishing on that - I started a new project, as yet untitled, which is my first sculpture carved in wood. It's very different from working in s

'Big Thunder'

So here is the provisionally titled 'Thunder' ('Big Thunder' is a horror novel written by Peter Atkins - this is a completely unrelated fact :-) ). It's almost finished - it needs the final paint treatment - which will be burnt umber in an Alkyd flow medium, rubbed into the surface then rubbed off again (trust me - it will work - just look at 'Arc'). This will knock backs some of the brilliance of the white. Also working on my first sculpture in carved wood! There will be pi

A 'Thunderous' work in progress

A quick update on the current work in progress, provisionally titled 'Thunder' - though I'm pretty sure that will change as I get closer to the end. I've been preoccupied with earning a living recently, so have only been sculpting at a very low level - I'm hoping to put on a bit of a push over the summer - and also get some new material to carve (as I'm currently all out of stone). Thunder is my second larger scale work in sculptural foam, which I'm slowly getting used to usi