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I'm a general purpose artist and designer - and an educator., and I'm also a photography, letterpress printmaker and book artist.


In the past I've been a animator and visual effects artist, working on television commericals, feature films and TV documentaries- most notably for the BBC 'The Planets' and 'The Human Body' which went on to win the BAFTA and Royal Television Society awards for Best Television Graphics in 1998.


I've also work as an academic in course and departmental leadership - most notable as Accociate Dean of the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) at Bournemouth University. I've taught practical and theoretical cinematography and visual effects at both Undergraduate and Post-graduate level.


As a sculptor I work primarily in stone, but have also done some work in metal, using blacksmithing techniques, and clay. I'm keen to develop further work in metal in the future.


I've practiced a number of different printmaking teachniques, but my specialism is typographical posters using Letterpress printing techniques - utilising wood type and handset metal type. I originally learnt this via a course with Claire Bolton at Alembic Press. I've also served as a committee member and Chair of Poole Printmakers Cooperative, and taught Letterpress Printmaking courses.


My interest in book arts, that is the handbinding and making books, in parallel with my interest in letterpress printing. I mainly work with exposed stitching techniques, such as Coptic binding, making journals, diaries and sketchbooks.




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