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'Arc' - latest sculptural work

This is 'Arc', recently completed, and the first fully finished sculpture carved from 'Sculpture Block'. This is high density foam, which is similar to Balsa wood in consistency. It's very easy to carve, but doesn't generate a particularly pleasing finish (sort of gritty and flaky). However once it's been painted with six layers of paint, it cleans up rather well, and I'm very pleased with the finish. This is covered in copper acrylic paint, with alkyd Prussian blue paint rubbed into its surface.

The other big advantage of Sculpture Block, in a cold / damp winter, is that I can work on it safely indoors (though I do wear a dust mask when I'm filing and sanding it). Stone has to be worked outdoors or in a dedicated workspace, as the dust is quite pernicious and potentially health damaging. So I'm going to do some more work in Sculpture Block over the next few weeks, and then more work in stone when the weather improves.

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