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'Arc' - latest sculptural work

This is 'Arc', recently completed, and the first fully finished sculpture carved from 'Sculpture Block'. This is high density foam, which is similar to Balsa wood in consistency. It's very easy to carve, but doesn't generate a particularly pleasing finish (sort of gritty and flaky). However once it's been painted with six layers of paint, it cleans up rather well, and I'm very pleased with the finish. This is covered in copper acrylic paint, with alkyd Prussian blue paint rub

New sculpture ‘Carapace’

So, finally, ‘Carapace’ is finished. Most of the work was done on this in May 2015. While I was very pleased with the way it was coming together - I was uncertain of how to finish it, so took a hiatus from it for a couple of months. This then ended up dragging out to seven months before I clicked with it again, and came to a conclusion that I was pleased with. This is the first time that I worked with Alabaster, which is a very soft stone. I found that it really didn’t hold h

New sculpture 'Superchief'!

This is the new sculpture called ‘Superchief’. It’s a partner piece to ‘El Capitan’, which I’ve already written about. While they both originally came from the same piece of soapstone - and both started along the ‘organic’ theme that started with the early sculpture ‘Carnivora’ - this one diverged rapidly from that theme. ’Superchief’, in its early stages of development, immediately reminded me of Art Deco posters of early 20th century streamlined locomotives in the US (one o

'El Capitan' sculpture

This is the sculpture that I’ve titled ‘El Capitan’. Along with ‘Superchief’ (which I’ll do an entry on in the next week or so), it’s the first sculpture of 2015. As I noted in previous blog entries, this started out as a largish block of what the stone merchant termed ‘coca-cola’ soapstone, which I bought two blocks of in 2010. The first block became the sculpture ‘Jagganath’ and I couldn’t quite understand why it was termed ‘coca-cola’ as it has more of a purple (verging on

'Chalice' and 'Archetype' at Stoneworks!

Two of my recent sculptures 'Chalice' and 'Archetype' are now on display (and for sale) at the Stoneworks Gallery in Swanage. As the name suggest, Stoneworks exhibits a range of stone sculptures and carvings from local artists. If you're over Purbeck way, please drop by and visit them! #stoneworks #chalice #archetype #stonesculpture #abstract #stone #swanage #purbeck

New Sculpture (x2!)

Two new sculptures - in the foreground 'El Capitan' and beyond it 'Superchief'. These are partner pieces as they are two halves of an older, abandoned sculpture that I sawed in two. More pictures soon! #stone #stonesculpture #sculpture #abstract #Superchief #ElCapitan

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