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New Journals - ‘Blue Tsunami’, ‘Teal Blue Venetian’ and ‘Red Sky’

The first batch of completed handmade journals are now up for sale on my DaWanda shop.

Each of them has a different name based on the cover colour and the print used in the endpapers. They’re all A5 size, and can be used as journals / diaries, sketchbooks or notebooks. They’re all hand sewn, with Coptic exposed stitching on the spine - which allows them to lie flat on a table and makes them easy to write or draw in. I use a heavy gauge, white waxed linen thread for the stitching.

‘Blue Tsunami’ uses the ‘leather-like’ blue handmade paper, with the ‘Type Tsunami’ letterpress end papers and the 160gsm cream Canelleto book paper. It has a 140 pages.

‘Teal Blue Venetian’ uses soft teal blue Himalayan handmade paper for the covers - the colour is so vivid that the camera can’t cope and the photographs don’t really do it justice. It again uses the ‘Type Tsunami’ letterpress endpapers and the 160gsm cream Canelleto book paper. It has 140 pages.

‘Red Sky’ uses red Himalayan handmade paper for the cover. It uses my ‘City / Sea’ letterpress print for the end papers. The book paper is 140gsm crisp white Cyclus. It has 168 pages.

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