New Journals - ‘Blue Tsunami’, ‘Teal Blue Venetian’ and ‘Red Sky’

The first batch of completed handmade journals are now up for sale on my DaWanda shop. Each of them has a different name based on the cover colour and the print used in the endpapers. They’re all A5 size, and can be used as journals / diaries, sketchbooks or notebooks. They’re all hand sewn, with Coptic exposed stitching on the spine - which allows them to lie flat on a table and makes them easy to write or draw in. I use a heavy gauge,

Book Arts: New journals in progress

After a long break from book-arts, I’m making good progress on the new batch of journals. I’ve realised that it’s about four years since I made any. This was prompted by finally filling up the last journal that I made. For the first volume of my journal I bought a pre-bound book (with exposed stitching), but then for the next one decided that as writing a journal is a personal thing, I should also hand-make the journal. So I learnt how to do Coptic binding (a form of exposed