New sculpture 'Superchief'!

This is the new sculpture called ‘Superchief’. It’s a partner piece to ‘El Capitan’, which I’ve already written about. While they both originally came from the same piece of soapstone - and both started along the ‘organic’ theme that started with the early sculpture ‘Carnivora’ - this one diverged rapidly from that theme. ’Superchief’, in its early stages of development, immediately reminded me of Art Deco posters of early 20th century streamlined locomotives in the US (one o

New Sculpture (x2!)

Two new sculptures - in the foreground 'El Capitan' and beyond it 'Superchief'. These are partner pieces as they are two halves of an older, abandoned sculpture that I sawed in two. More pictures soon! #stone #stonesculpture #sculpture #abstract #Superchief #ElCapitan