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Skybolt yellow.jpg

’Skybolt’ almost finished (it’s only been two years since I made it :-) ). Actually it should be called Skybolt #1 as I’ve already got the concept for Skybolt #2.

All the components were formed with hot forging / blacksmithing techniques, and then arc welded into the final assembly. It took a lot of painting as most of the paint spray went through it and landed on the floor. Now all it needs is a chunk of reclaimed scaffolding plank for the base - a bit of hole drilling, then bolt it down.

I’d like to do more like it - but if stone carving (with its noise and lung busting dust) is difficult in a domestic/urban environment - then blacksmithing is doubly so!

Skybolt #2 will be made from copper tubing, and plumbing fittings, and will be silver soldered together, as that something that it’s practical for me to do in the shed.

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