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  • Steve Hubbard

The novelty of Photographic prints


It’s been a long time since I printed any photographs. When I started photography, using film, prints and projected slides were the only way to see the pictures.

Since I got my first digital camera in 2008, I’ve become accustomed to simply putting the pictures up on line, mainly through Flickr, but also on Facebook. They get seen by lots more people than would ever see a physical artifact.

My last experience of trying to print digital photos was underwhelming (possibly because the printer isn’t a specialist photo printer).

So these were only the second batch of digital photos that I’ve ever printed. It took several tries, and a lot of ink before I got them right

Holding them in your hands is a very different experience to flicking through them on a website. Looking at them framed on a wall would be a different experience again. I’m toying with getting them framed, but they seem a bit small (I’ve only got an A4 printer). Perhaps I should upload them to Society6 - then orders prints of my own pictures. Alternativelt, anyone recommend any good digital print labs?

The long exposure (3.5 second) photo was done using Rehan’s Zeiss 21mm and Lee 0.9 ND filter, connected via my F-mount (Nikon) to Micro Four Thirds adaptor. Unfortunately the adaptor is a bit cheap, and apparently has a light leak, which has created a bloom in the lower left of the picture. This will require some reworking in Photoshop before I can post it up to Society6. Hopefully it’ll just be a matter of ‘Burning it in’.

Still quite pleasing to hold them in my hands though. I must dig out my files of actual analogue photographic prints - if I can remember what I did with them.

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