City of Goat - Page 8

At long last - page 8 of City of Goat emerges. Instead of speeding up with more practice - I seem to be getting slower and slower. This one took two months - and it was the only artistic project I worked on during this period - which is a reflection on how busy I am with work at this time of the year. It's likely to be another couple of months until the next one - as Inktober is coming up in just over a week. It's going to be a big job keeping up with a traditional ink drawin

Day 218: Project Goat

So - 218 days since the beginning of the 'Learn to be a Comic Artist' project - and Page 6 of City of Goat. This page had rather a long gestation - about eight weeks - as I was stalled by a week of illness - and then lots of stuff at work. I also was starting a bit half cocked - as I hadn't done character sheets for Travis and Miriam, and only a partial one for Circ. I'm now going to try and get back onto a more regular schedule as I have storylines for the first two volumes

There's a Goat in my House - page 2

Page 2 of City of Goat: There’s a Goat in my House - in which Martha makes a boring discovery and Rupe bites off more than he can chew. #cityofgoat #comic #clipstudiopaint

Goat One: There's a Goat in my House ...

First page of the City of Goat story 'There's a Goat in my House'. Ideally I want to maintain a schedule of a page a week - this one took me three, but it is the first go - and it did contain the big cityscape, so I'm hoping I can speed up. #cityofgoat #comic #drawing