'Chalice' and 'Archetype' at Stoneworks!

Two of my recent sculptures 'Chalice' and 'Archetype' are now on display (and for sale) at the Stoneworks Gallery in Swanage. As the name suggest, Stoneworks exhibits a range of stone sculptures and carvings from local artists. If you're over Purbeck way, please drop by and visit them! #stoneworks #chalice #archetype #stonesculpture #abstract #stone #swanage #purbeck

Archetype sculpture

This is a new sculpture that I’m especially pleased with. It’s the first one that I’ve completed that’s carved from Pyrophilite, which is sometimes known as Wonderstone. I think that this particular variety originates in India. I particularly like the consistency of the colour / patterning through the stone on this piece. I’ve aimed for echoes of the forms from previous sculptures - such as the narrow scored lines bracketing the holes, as seen in Cerate and Eclipse, and the h